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I do not know if you guys know about this or not (since I mentioned that I will be going to Bali in my previous article, "How To Kill Time During Long Holiday"). Its been around 4 to 5 years that I have not been to Bali, Indonesia, and I finally went to Bali again (missing Bali so much, just got back).


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✈ Bali is an island in Indonesia, known for its tropical beaches, mountains & beaches.
✈ The Balinese culture is very strong, religion still plays a crucial role in the Balinese culture. Despite of heavy western influence nowadays due to tourism!
✈ Bali has lots and lots of temples, and Hindu is Balinese's main religion ૱
✈ Bali is in a 'coral triangle' (rich in corals)
✈ Bali has one of the highest densities of spas in the world ♨

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☀ ✈

✈ - D A Y 1

Right after my plane touchdown in Bali, my family and I went to checked-in our hotel straight away. For 2 nights, we stayed at Kuta, Bali, Kuta is a must-go-place in Bali. It's the hub for good restaurants & bars, and one of the most active places in Bali during the day and night. So if you're suddenly hungry in the middle of the night, you could easily walk down the Kuta street and eat. After we checked-in, we went for lunch in 'Warung Wardani' (highly recommended for those of you who want to try Balinese food)

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Kuta Beach, Bali during the day and sunset

Took some rest for a couple of hours from venturing the Kuta St, and we decided to go to Potato Head Beach Club at midnight, it's a very chill place and plays really good music.

✈ - D A Y 2

On the second day, we decided to go to Seminyak, Bali, it took us around 30 - 45 minutes from Kuta to Seminyak, depending on the intensity of the traffic. Seminyak is definitely one of my favourite places in Bali, tons of good bars, cafés & restaurants. Almost all the cafés and bars in Seminyak are instagram worthy (will make an article about this;). Some of the bars and cafés we went are: Motel Mexicola, Kim Soo & Mad Pops.


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This vibrant mexican-inspired bar in Seminyak : Motel Mexicola


Image by zoë Image by zoë
KIM SOO - Minimalist café


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MAD POPS - An ice cream place, probably one of the most instagram-worthy places // The ice ice baby mandatory picture, you prolly see this everywhere on insta and WHI

✈ - D A Y 3

On the 3rd day, we stayed at a different place (not Kuta), and that is at Nusa Dua, it's pretty far from Kuta and the surrounding is far different from Kuta's environment. Nusa Dua is much more peaceful and romantic, and has lots of fancy hotels (the ultimate gateway for people who want to go on honeymoon). Since most of the hotels have their own private beaches, and their surroundings are tremendously peaceful. That being sad, finding restaurant or bar in Nusa Dua is quite hard, and you need to rent a car or use taxi to go to restaurants or bars outside of your hotel.

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Nusa Dua

D A Y 4

Unfortunately, it is the saddest day out of all the other days, since it is our last day to stay in Bali. In the morning, my dad, my sister, and I went for swimming in our hotel (missing the pool so much), the pool was very big and the coolest part out of all is that, they've got the wave pool. Afterwards, we checked out and decided to buy some bali souvenirs and food. And finally, we headed back to the airport (sad) .

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A N D ... Bye-bye Bali !

Thanks a lot for checking out my Bali adventure blog!

Will do an article about "Instagram Worthy Places in Bali" soon, so stay tune <3


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