A great way to start the new year is with new music! January gave us a taste what is yet to come in trends, rookies and much more. Here are my favorite non title songs for the month of January .

1. 4419 - Stray Kids

stray kids image

Yet to debut boy group "Stray Kids" under JYP are topping the charts and everybody's hearts. 4419 a song produced and written by members Chan, Jeongin and Seungmin originally on the reality show is the perfect song to listen in long drives or late at night.
Title song: Grrr/ Young Wings

2. Hug Me - IKON

Ikon, bobby, and gif image

Coming back with their 2nd full length album, IKON brought back a similar style from their roots. Hug Me is a slow calm song filled a heart warming chorus. Hug me is the song to listen when going through a heartbreak.
Title song - Love Scenario


gif, donghyun, and bnm boys image

Rising duo MXM came back with a hip hop sound. ERRDAY is the perfect song to listen to while getting ready before heading off to school or work.
Title song: Diamond Girl

4. I Hate - Infinite

asian, infinite, and woohyun image

After a year and half hiatus Infinite came back as 6. I Hate has a rock feel and has the potential of being part of a anime opening.
Title song: Tell Me

5. Fly - Momoland

daisy, jane, and Nancy image

Topping charts and even winning their first win Momoland is at highest they have ever been. Fly is a good feel pop song and will bring a smile to your face.
Title song: BOOM BOOM