Whilst my time being abroad and spending most of the time with myself, I got to know me a lot better.
These are 10 things about myself that I want to share with you guys.

I will mention a few weaknesses as well but when I'm talking about my strengths, it's meant not to brag at all.
Everyone has their own qualities in a completely different way. It is important to think about what your good at and what to be proud of without the intention to brag - know your worth.
Start thinking about your strengths and appreciate them.

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Number 1

I care a lot about other people.
I always want everyone around me to feel good and I always offer my help. This point comes along with the fact that I can read someone's face pretty well, so I often know when a person isn't feeling well. Sometimes I even care too much about others and I try to help when people don't even want to receive help. But still better than not caring I'd say...

Number 2

I smile and laugh a lot.
(main reason for my nickname 'Sunny')
In order to make people feel good, smiling and being nice is always a good idea. When I see people around me being happy it has the same effect on me and makes me feel good too.
Seeing other people laugh is so infectious to me.

Number 3

I sometimes stick too much to receiving love from someone else rather than loving myself.
Because of being in a relationship for so long and always having someone that shows you love and appreciates you, it can be hard to miss out on that. I always feel like I need to have that someone that shows me love. But I'm really trying to get out of that mindset, cause loving yourself is the most important skill everyone should have.

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Number 4

I am tough.
I got pretty good at talking to people, especially the ones that radiate a certain authority.
Not a long time ago, I would be afraid to talk to someone like this. Even though I'm still a bit afraid deep down, I'm now able to approach situations where you kind of have to prove your skills confidentiality.

Number 5

I am creative.
I didn't really know about this one before going abroad and having quite a lot of free time.
I always liked to draw little things on the papers from school when I was bored, but while the last 4 months I really got into writing, designing and poetry.

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Number 6

I love to experience the unexpected.
I often had to step out my comfort zone whilst the last 4 months and just do things you need to do without really thinking about whether you want to or not. But I realized, I actually like it.
It makes life much more exciting to do stuff you're not used to do.
I like experiencing things without having an expectation of what it will be like. There were too many things that disappointed me in the end when I had a certain expectation before.

Number 7

I can be impatient.
I often want things to happen right away and can't wait for it and I know it can drive people around me crazy.
It's like I actually know that it's not the right time for something, but wanting it to happen anyways.

Number 8

I can do things on my own and rely on myself instead of others.
I'm actually quite proud of this one.
I was in a relationship for three and a half years and depended or relied on that person a lot.
When you're used to always having someone around you that helps you, you kind of struggle doing things on your own and being confident with it.
But living on my own in Asia, there were so many things I just had to go through on my own, which really made me stronger and tough.
I feel like I don't need someone to help me do certain stuff anymore, you know?

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Number 9

I can be stubborn.
I often don't like when people tell me what to do, even if it might be better than how I want to do it.
So I'm not good at giving in and admitting that I'm not right.

Number 10

It takes me a long time to open up to people.
Even though I'm good at being tough in difficult situations or when talking to certain authoritarian people, I'm always having a hard time to open up.
I actually always was someone who just talked to people right away and trusted them. But after being disappointed from people I opened up to and who made me think I can trust them, I kind of lost that skill.
I got very cautious about opening up, maybe a bit too cautious.

To sum everything up: you should know your strengths and weaknesses and learn to deal with them and work on them. Always know your worth and love yourself.

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Thank you for reading, beautiful!

Often the difficult situations make you learn the most about yourself and about life.