BTS were discriminated.

Soo, intruduce im mar and that the only thing you need to know about me because theres something more important, something called xenophia happened.

If you don’t know what xenophia is, xenophofia is the rejection of foreigners.
Well,now that you know what is xenophobia, I can start.

The 26 of January the members of cnco go to the Enrique santos radio show,and the interviewer (Enrique Santos) did congratulate cnco for the iHeartAwards nomination, told them do you know bts and they said, in that point everything is okay.
But theres a moment him ask them, does bts are the Korean version of cnco and all the members laughed about that.

If you don’t know, bts are nominated in some awards, the iHeartAwards, and ARMY and cncowners (stans of cnco) since the first day they had frictions, starting the cncowners told : we don’t want that Chinese guys win, we cant left Chinese guys win, and that kind of stuff

First, there are no a Chinese guys nominated, but yes Korean guys, is a K-Pop band, K of korea, if would be some Chinese guys were C-Pop my darling.
And I belive a all kpopers hate that they tell them chin ese, china is not the only country in Asia, please take a map.

Well, in the Enrique Santos radio show they start telling: the Korean version of CNCO, the members did laugh, and then when they end of laug they told yes, we like what they do, okay, but then Enrique told, and the lyrics are beautiful.

The quote the lyrics are beautiful was okay, but if you see the video, you feel like touch the sarcasm when he started to laugh, everybody in the show started laugh, okay that will end in a wtf, but no, the cnco members started make sound like they were about have a baby alien there, obviously trying to imitate the Korean.

They did insult the Korean language, doesn’t make if you did it because comedy, when you became a start, you need to take care of everything you do, like Gigi Hadid who making a joke trying to imitate the eyes of the Chinese, the Chinese police doesn’t let her visit china for the vistoria secret show.

Afther that the interviewer told: how will sound subeme la radio in Korean? (subeme la radio is a latin song) or mamita? (another latin song but of cnco)

Again I did listen the contractions of having an alien baby in place by cnco members and not Korean.

In a way, they were soo damn xenophobics.

The lycrics of the song mamita (cnco)
Do not keep it, mommy
What do you gain if you distrust
On this night if you give it to me
You take out the lottery
Come mamita see that
I want you
Change my luck
This is something urgent
They see that I can not stand
Oh, mamita, they see that
I like you so much
And this one never lies

Ok,actually they are telling about having sex with a woman.
Lyric of Hey DJ (cnco)

And there's something in you that snatches me, robe
Baby you have me crazy, crazy
You love me and it shows
And if you and I are already here
Hey DJ, play the music you like
One to move and look
And dance with me, only with me, hey
Hey DJ, play the music you like
One to move and look
And dance with me, only with me, hey
And so we're falling in love
And your body is seducing me
Let the DJ repeat it again
To 'dance with you again

Did someone see some respect to the woman?No?Obiusly is any respect to woman in this lyrics.

Reggaeton lento (cnco)
How good it looks
His figure is crazy
That short suit fits well
Combined with your brown lipstick
How good it looks
I hypnotize his waist
When she dances until the gods want to see her
I will not waste any more time, I will approach
I just looked at it and liked it
I hit and invited her: "Let's dance, huh?"

Just, almost all their popular songs have something to see with have sex with the woman you did meet in this party

Spring Day (bts)
Snowflakes are falling
And you are getting farther away
I miss you (I miss you)
I miss you (I miss you)
How much more do I have to wait?
How many more days do I have to stay up all nights?
Until I can see you? (until I can see you?)
Until I can meet you? (until I can meet you?)

Until this cold winter ends
And the spring comes again
And until the flowers bloom again
Please stay there a little longer
Please stay there

Is it you who changed?
(Is it you who changed?)
Or is it me?
(Or is it me?)
I hate even this moment that is passing by
I guess we are changed
Just like everyone you know

Yeah, I hate you
You left me
But I never stopped thinking about you
Not even a day
Honestly, I miss you
But now I’ll erase you
Because it hurts less than to blame you

I try to ease your pain
Like smoke, like white smoke
I say that I’m gonna erase you
But I can’t really let you go yet
You know it all
You’re my best friend
The sun will rise again
No darkness, no season
Can last forever

Best Of Me (Bts)
You’re like the whole world to me
Hug me harder and more painfully
The something that we shared
And you can’t make it nothing
I hope you don’t forget

  • Occurs in public
  • Media is used for this
  • It is a public official who commits it
  • If any service is denied
  • It is against a child or an elder
  • Denies labor rights
  • The person apologizes publicly
  • If it was a question of denying a service to the affected party, correct this situation

And that’s the laws of Latinoamerica, because the Americans and Koreans are more difficult to find.

This is not the first case of racism in the K-Pop and and I'm in a sad way that I have not seen any article talking about this,the xenophobia is a problem, It's discrimination, and it's a serious issue to talk about and not be quiet.

Thats all, or well,all should be a article so damn long that maybe whi cut it.

Love, mar (part 2 why bts is not the korean version of cnco in my profile, bc whi cut the article)