I think you should find happiness in the little things so that you're always happy. You also have to find happiness within yourself so when you have nothing at least you'll have happiness and that's what matters the most.
These are in no particular order.

My friends

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Honesty I'm not proud of this one because I don't like depending on people for happiness. I find myself telling myself things like "I'll be happy once I see my friends" which is horrible because I should already be happy. My friends should add to my happiness not cause it.

TV shows

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These shows make me really happy.
1. Friends. Friends follows the lives of 6 people as they live in new york and you get to experience their lives and the love, heartbreak and laughter. It's such good show and with 10 seasons all on Netflix you can binge this show for a while.

2.Master of None. This show is a comedy that follows Devs life, a struggling actor. This show is really funny and has a very diverse cast.

3. One Day At A Time. This show follows the life of Penelope, a single mom who's an army veteran and a nurse and her Cuban family. The show is witty and can put anyone in a good mood.

4. Parks and Recreations. The humor in this show is great and always makes me laugh.

Having a clean room

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I know this one's weird but It really lifts my mood if my room or just my general living space is clean.

Drinking tea

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Drinking tea is so relaxing and if I'm having a bad day it makes me feel so much better.

Getting new things

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I know how this one sounds but It's not that bad. Getting little things always makes me happy. Something as small as getting a new pen or a new water bottle with make me so happy and excited to try it out.


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My skin is very acne prone so I make sure that I enjoy skincare. Getting new serums and face washes is the best feeling. I find joy in motorizing and toning my skin so that I can find joy in the results


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Some of my favorite artists are Russ and Bryson Tiller.

These are just some of the many things that make me happy. I'm trying to get increase this list everyday. I hope this helped you find happiness in certain things.