This is My very first blog so, I hope you like it. xx

1 Girl online (Series)

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Girl online has such an interesting story. Honestly, Book no.1 is my favourite of the three of them. It makes me feel so loved. it reminds me of my first love and it gives me hope by reading the story of Penny who went from just a clumsy girl with no hopes to a famous blogger and found her true love in a whole another country but, of course everyone has their secrets. Girl online has lots of adventures of Penny and her bestfriend Eliot. and, I really enjoyed reading this series.

2 Eleanor & Park

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I love this book so much. It might actually be my favourite of all. It's so romantic, sexy, it has an awesome story, It's written in a really good way which attracts you to keep reading, It shows that love isn't by looks and that people can fall in love by many different ways. It literally gave me positive energy every time I read before school. With music it made me feel like I'm in a whole another world, It's written in a poetic way which makes you feel so warm while reading. It's end is just kinda confusing because, It doesn't really end on a certain action, So it has like an open end.