So I was thinking. My followers probably know literally nothing about me so, this is a sort of get to know me post because if I am going to be making articles more than you guys should probably get to know me better. I encourage you to do the same type of article and send it to me in a private message. Anywho, this is ten things you probably don't know about me (but probably should.)

1) What is my name?

Well that one is easy, its in my username. My name is Robin, you can also follow me social media if you want to see my face (@/robinatwoodd n instagram, @/robin.atwood on snapchat and @/robinatwoodd on twitter)

2) Where am I from?

I am from and currently still live in a city called Halifax, it is located in the east of Canada and is such a beautiful place. It is right by the Atlantic ocean and it is amazing to just be able to literally swim in the ocean whenever I please. Below are actual pictures of my city

alternative, halifax, and nova scotia image amazing, light, and ocean image 2012, bay, and halifax image buildings, canada, and city image

3) My Favourite Thing to do

My absolute favourite thing to do is to play rugby. I am a prop but can be traded out to second row, rugby is such a thrilling sport and I hope to play it for the rest of my life.

rugby image mexico, udem, and monterrey image rugby image beach, beer, and drink image

4) Do You Have a Job?

Currently I do, it is my first job and I love it a whole lot. I work at Claire's (jewellery store) and I am an ear piercing specialist, so I pierce ears for money. It's honestly such a fun job and I also have amazing coworkers so that's a bonus as well.

claire's image accessory, beauty, and store image cosmetics, mall, and claire's image earrings, ear, and feather image

5) My Favourite Food

My all time favourite food is tacos, if we are geting into specifics though,I loveeeeee the beef crunchwrap supreme from tacobell

6) Most Listened to Song

Right now I think that the song that I have been listening to the most is Slingshot by LIl Xan but according to my spotify, my most listened to song is My Shit by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

7) My favourite TV Show

My all time absolute favourite TV show of all time is Freaks and Geeks. This show only has one season and is made in the nineties but I love it and it has so many amazing and iconic people in it. But I wish there were more than one seasons.

life, freaks and geeks, and quotes image james franco, quotes, and grunge image freaks and geeks, grunge, and 90s image freaks and geeks, james franco, and jason segel image
James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jason Segal such iconic characters

8) My Favourite Movie

My favourite movie of all time is The Last Mimzy. I remember watching it when I was younger and just loving it so much even though I didn't really understand it and I still love it to this day

bunny, emma, and movie image the last mimzy image the last mimzy image Image by rob

9) My Star Sign?

I am a Leo, although I don't really study up on astrological signs so I don't necessarily know what that means.

10) Family?

I am the second youngest person in my family of 8 I have 4 older sisters and 2 older brother as well as a younger brother so I have quite a large family.