lonely again
Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I die for you
Sometimes I try
Sometimes I lie for you

And at the end of the day, I feel broken
Cause it's been a couple of days since we've spoken
I don't know why, but I'd give my life for you

Put it all on a line, I'd jump in the fire for you
When you're lonely at night, I'm there on a dime for you

And after all that you said, I was hoping
That you'd be here in my bed, but I'm coping
I don't know why, but I'd give my life for you

You said you would care
You said you'd be there
(Matter of fact)
You said you'd be here
So how come you're not here

Lonely again
So lonely again
How'd I get so lonely again
How'd I get so lonely again
I said I'm lonely again
(I'm so lonely)
How'd I get so lonely again
(I'm so lonely)
I think I'm lonely again
(I'm so lonely)
Would you come hold me again

feelings fade
I'm not okay, but it's okay
Don't walk away
I'll take the blame
Before we're left with nothing
Don't know if I'll be fine without you
I hope I'll be alright without you

You know how you make you feel, right?
You know that I'm lost without you
I've never felt something so real, right?

u don't get me
I loved you in the worst way
You couldn't make it to my birthday
And I heard you're doing okay

You loved me first then you convinced me it was right
When I was the just the first to hold you through the night
So even though I tried, I tried
Now I'm layin' here 'cause I died, I died

tell me it's okay
I begged you to show up
And; I asked you to stay
You told me to grow up

I would rather die
Than try to live with this resentment
So we could try just one more time
To make sure that we meant it

I think about you
I dream about you
I smile about you
I cry about you
I lie about you
I'm fine without you
I lied that's not true
I'd die without you

first day of my life
And so I thought I'd let you know
That these things take forever
I especially am slow
But I realize that I need you
And I wondered if I could come home

left out
Feeling stressed out over every last word you said
Feelings left now, just a ghost inside my head
Feeling less now cause I know you dream me dead

And is it even fair or worth for me to put up a fight, just to prove that I'm the one and you still leave out of spite
No more broken hearts to fall apart to broken promise, no more playing cards with broken shards with ghosts to haunt us

I wanna confess, I wanna die when you're brought up by friends, and every night I'm haunted in bed so I cry every drop is a sin

Said that I'm an ass, I said I think you're right
So every conversation turns to basically a fight
Stare into my eyes tell me what you need
As I pray to God that you never leave

I always see the light way before the dark
And you always see the end way before the start

I know that you miss me
I’m sorry I’m busy
And don’t make the time
For the things you ask from me

I can’t sleep tonight
I can’t sleep tonight, no
Is it fine, if we find
That in time this isn’t right
I can’t speak tonight
I can’t speak tonight, no

Just make me feel special
And make me feel loved
Make me feel something
Lately life’s made me numb
I just want to hold you
For just long enough
So you don’t get tired of me telling you
I love you so much

I stay cause I’m scared to leave
I’m not prepared to be
Lonely without you see
That just won’t feel right
I need you in my life

So don’t make me, no
Don’t make me go
Don’t make me

I need sleep tonight
You'll be in my dreams tonight, tho'

get well soon
Will you fix me with your heart of gold?
My angel is a centerfold
And she comes with paper cuts and all
But she’s just what I’ve been looking for
Will you be my little quick fix?
‘Cause I just dealt with sick shit

We’re moving so fast, and you’ve got your past
We’re not built to last, this too shall pass
But all good things end eventually

u only call me when it's raining out
I don't think that you can save me now
Save me now, save me now

So now we're back to how we started out... As strangers

Meant to say something as you walked out the door
I'm so done with all your gimmicks, I ain't begging no more
I love the way you hate me, I hate the way you made me
I love the way you slave me but I hate the way you played me

leave a message
I wanna hear your voice but I don't wanna respond
Don't really have a choice
Just kind of hit me that you're gone
Haven't spoke for a minute
I have been barely living

With or without couldn't figure what would sting worse
Always wondered who would leave first

Sorry I lost you ... But I got something to say before I leave
I'm sorry that I miss you but it's cool, get to see you in my dreams
Thanks for showing me how love feels
Thanks for showing me how loss feels too

There's ideas we had, that we no longer know
There's places we've been, that we no longer go
There's things we learn, that we don't wanna know
And there's people we love, that we have to let go

you fuck me up
You fuck me up (x 13)

What I want from you
Is you to want me too

I've never been more dead
I didn't mean to force it
Everything that's supposed to be bad makes me feel so good
I know its time to go and I coulda shoulda would

u just can't be replaced
Walk with me in the dark
Hold my hand through the park

Something about you
Makes me wanna try again

I tried to fill the space
Forget for my mistakes
You just can't be replaced
You just can't be replaced
I can't forget your face
Come home, don't fade away
You just can't be replaced

I tried some other things I know you did too
I've seen all the crazy things you've been through
You know for me it's always only been you (I miss you)
You'll always be all I ever need

It's simple
See, me and you were made to grow together not just go together
Share a soul together, build a home together
Touch our toes together, steal the show together
They're all so whatever, this is so forever, I'll hold you better
See, you and me is enough cause you plus me it was love
And you plus me equals us

I know you know better than to go (So don't go)
I know you know better than to go (So don't go)

That love is when all your happiness and all your sadness
And all your feelings are dependent upon another person
So I guess I love you

I love to make you less lonely
Fuck everything that they told me
I want the old you that loved the old me

If I share all of my secrets
Promise me that you will keep 'em close
And if we're diving in the deep end
I need to share all my demons

I've seen your type 'round here before
Your type's the type that I ignore
Usually, but something 'bout you is
New to me, got through to me

Honestly, I feel like everybody's feeling kind of lost
And everybody knows it but nobody takes the time to talk
Don't you know that you could be the light in somebody else's life
All you gotta do is smile and say hi more than goodbye
We could come together, we could find some common ground to walk

So I go for overwhelmed and unprepared
To feelin' like nobody's even there
Climbin' up the stairs, they wanna stare
I never really thought that you would care
But now that I've got your attention
I think it's time that I mention
That we need to drop this tension
And start to find our connections
'Cause if love is where I stay
I know I will find my way

kiss fight
Loving you is like being on thin ice
You're emotional
I'm the bitch right
You're pissed all night
I miss you all night
This doesn't feel right
I'm like: call you, I might

If you're over it
Then maybe you should stay away from me
Or come home
Either way, make up your mind
I'm tired of trying to make you mine

crash with me
On the 101 at 1:01 and on the run
From the demons in the soul inside the monster you've become
And I should've trusted judgment, something's up and jumped from jump
'Cuz you gave me all the reasons to be leavin', love is love, yeah

This don't feel right no more, no sleepless nights no more
I don't need strife no more, I don't need life no more

On the 1 at one because the one that was the one
Won the game but lost my love so I was gone before the sun
And I swore that I was safe from all the damage to be done
Heavy my eyes totaled tons, met early demise, hit and run

Driving, flying thru these red lights and all I see is headlights
And you gave me those red lights, those almost kinda dead lights
I'm driving into my fate, I'll make loving you my last mistake

Please know I always loved you, all I wanted was your hand
I'm gone but dreaming of you
I hope you understand

Didn't know it was so
Disposable, disposable
Didn't know I was so
Disposable, disposable

Back when we started out
I was hopin', thinkin' we could work it out (out, disposable)
We were picture perfect

And I tell you, tell you, tell you how much I miss you
Thinkin' that'll solve all your other issues
So I'm linin' up the shot and pull the trigger down
Life is kinda lifeless when you're not around (disposable)

Capture all these moments then we threw 'em away

Going going gone, you're moving moving on
It's unfair for you to care only some of the time
I thought you just needed air and nothing was fine (disposable)

'Cause it kinda hurts to care
But it hurts worse to have you gone (disposable)

Don't want to make you go away
But I can't stay, hey, hey