Ciao, hearters

If you missed it and you're interested, you can find my last article right here. ↓

Last month I've done a resolutions article for 2018 where I putted down all the things I wanted to change/do in my life.

One of those was be less rational. Well, I'm going to be honest with you, guys. I'm a very rational person, maybe too much. I always want to find an explanation for everything. It's like I don't accept the unknown, the things that don't have reasons to be in a certain way. And I always want things to be perfect.
I honestly plan everything and more.
So, lately life started to make jokes about me.
I started to suffer panic attacks - another thing that got me unprepared - and I failed my last exam because I was too anxious.

Yeah, basically a disaster.

cry, emma roberts, and drama queen image

But, I'm also that kind of person who doesn't like to give up. I don't want to be dominated by my fears, I want to face them all and get over them. So, as I said in my article, I also wanted to cut my hair because I wanted/ I want to start all over again. And what's better than a new hair cut?

Guess nothing!

Yeah, I basically cut my bangs on my own! I know, may be for some of you it's not a big deal, but for me it's huuuuuuge.
God, I thought I could have an heart attack while doing it.
My mom freaked out. lol

girl, smile, and beautiful image

By the way, I'd like to consider all this as a new beginning for me and also for you guys. All you who keep follow me and get inspired by me, my articles, my collections. I really appreciate all you've done.
Lately I didn't post regulary because of my problems and my fears.

It won't happened again.

I'll post regulary at Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday + Every Wednesday I will post and article with LGBT+ theme

Thank you,

All the love