Everyone told me what you were,
what you did to girls like me,
but I didn't care, I wanted you.
I still do.

aesthetic, boys, and cool image

You were the boy I dreamt about,
the only one I wanted,
the bad boy with the heart of gold.

How ignorant I was.

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To believe my own lie, to believe
you were the boy that stalked my dreams.

Heathers, grunge, and couple image

When you touched me I knew what it meant to be alive,
when you looked at me I felt like the most important person in the world, when you spoke to me, I realised I could listen to you all day.

How ignorant I was.

gif, couple, and kiss image

You were broken, lost and utterly ruthless.
Your abusive childhood made you cold, distant and full of hate.
You didn't know love and so pushed it away when ever it came close.
I loved you,
I love you,
but I was just your toy, you wanted to see how much damage you could inflict before I crumbled.

How ignorant I was.

boy, sad, and smoke image

I wanted say that you were the bad boy with a good heart,
I wanted to tell myself that I could have changed you,
or that you would of wanted to change for me.
But lets be honest, you will never change.

I'm not ignorant any more.

Image by ÑèëÑÄ