Hi there! So I just watched the premiere of Fate/Extra Last Encore and I thought why not react to this? I've never seen any Fate series so I found it really weird...So here we go!
Attention: This article contains some spoilers of the first episode of the series!

Ok so we see two guys playing chess why is it such a big deal?

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Eh what's going on did he just get stubbed because he lost in a game of chess?!?

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Who is this kawaii/moe girl?

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After a long time of search we found out that her name is Rin Tohsaka. And she has appeared in other series like...really now?...ok...Chibichuki!

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So kawaiiiiiiii!!!!!!!

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Ok moving on now...WHAT THE @$%& ?!?!?!?

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He is holding that corpse like it's nothing as if it was a normal thing. Is that person OK???
Definitely not...
I bet if he met someone along the way they would have this kind of conversation.

Some person:

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-Hey, mind if I ask you what exactly are you holding?
-Oh this? It's just a corpse.
-Hey relax it's just a dead guy no big deal.
-Yeaah I guess...since we're all going to end up like him...
-What did you say?
-Nothing I'm going now bye.
-She's weird...

And of course every anime should have the mysterious-megane character.

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My guess is that this guy is Shinpachi. But Shinpachi from the Fate universe.

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-Why can't I be cool and mysterious like this guy?
Wait that's me from the Fate universe! Gin-san, Kagura-chan look I'm in the Fate series!

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-Shinpachi get a hold of yourself. It's ok to have big dreams but please don't overdue it or else you're gonna end up beeing trapped in your own imaginary world and never come back from there.

-Gin-san I'm not making it up! That's me I tell you! Kagura-chan say something.

Image by Kaname Asogiri

-Shinpachi you're so delusional I already found who is the mysterious megane guy!

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-Eh we're not really that much alike.

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-Who gives a shit all you need is to look mysterious and wear glasses that glow. That's how a Fate series megane should look like.

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-You just don't want to believe that I could be a cool and mysterious megane. You will accept anyone but me! I'll kill you!
-Hello I need to book an appointment for my friend here he is delusional. He needs help. Yes please he needs a good psycologist. He's case is very serious.

Ok I guess I took too far...

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Wait isn't he the protagonist's close friend? And holding a knife!

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Of course it's not fine what is this guy saying? That's the best possible example of what a FAKE FRIEND is. I want to SHOOT HIM!

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Poor guy his friend stubbed him in the back...literally. I have to say I feel his pain but only in an emotional way...no...not actually beeing stubbed though...

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Yes finally we're going to see an epic fight scene!

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So beatiful this is going to be my new lock screen

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And just when the protagonist is going to kill the statue like guy 💥

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What's that a guest appearance or something?

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Oh now I now! She is the main lead!
Appearently she has the power to kill villains that look like statues and turn blood into rose petals! How romantic! 😍