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I guess it is true because at the end of the day just matters what you did, the things you did. How many things did you enjoy doing today?

So today i made a list with 10 little things that make me happy. You know... those small things that can make your day a little bit more special or simply things i like.


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Read a good book, i love read and feel the same things that the characters feel throughout the story. If you want to escape from the world for a while this is a good idea.
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I'm actually reading "Stay where you are and then leave".


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I love make bubbles, it is really funny. I don't know why but it's a thing that makes me happy.
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I love talk and joke with my sisters. We just sit and start making stupid things and a lot of jokes. I'm happy to have two sisters that can make me laugh so hard.


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I love going to the cinema or watch a movie at the sofa in my home. Just discover new movies and new stories. I really like cinema, even i am thinking about study that career.
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This is one of my favorite things to do. I love take photos about everything! I want to buy a camera and start making cool photos.
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I listen music literally all day, Spotify is my best friend. I love discover new music and make playlists.
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So i started an art journal a couple weeks ago. I really like write, make collages, draw, create. I recommend you start a journal, it hasn't to be an art journal. You can do a bullet journal or sketch journal. Get out your creative side!
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The most beautiful and loyal creatures in this world. I love them💟
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I love contemplate and to photography them. All that beautiful colors, it is a gift from the world to us
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Sweet creature... Who doesn't love Harry? I mean he is so beautiful and kind
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Thanks for reading, i hope you liked it!

Aquarius x.