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WRITING! It's a word that you either love or hate. I'm guessing you like writing though since you've landed directly on this specific article. I personally loved writing my whole life but how come it took nearly 16 years to realize that I, me, person like you, actually-loves-writing.

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I like to call myself a very dreamy, creative person that has an imagination in which sometimes scares the living hell out of me because my thoughts are strangely but commonly a reality. It's not just writing I convey my contriving pulsing blood on but anything that sparks my colorful spectrum of innovation. Scrap books, YouTube, painting, makeup, clothes, drawing, and even coloring are all endless things that are like a caress on a cats fur to my brain; soothing & serene.

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I thought writing was just a space in my spectrum I enjoyed doing a little more then others, but turns out its my everything. Controlling your words and collecting your thoughts as if they were fallen blocks out of a toy box is something vast, not only me but others that love writing feel as well. I'm considerably challenged on decision making so being able to dynamical write whatever-the-heck I want with a time span of whatever-the-fudge I want is great. I also am a person who loves attention for the things I create that others actually like. It is amazing how one person can share to tons and grab the minds of others, altering them like a clock.

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I vision a cloud surrounding my brain. It's slightly transparent but more-so gentle and plush.Thing's tend to stay in the cloud because my thoughts like it like that; without having to speak out loud. It's not blocking me but comforting me. You can say I am an introvert. That's the reason behind my deep passion for writing. I like freelance writing from my personal journal to writing a review on anything imaginable. Script writing is something I'm extremely intrigued by, rooting from fictional books, writing fictional books, and the tingly feeling dramas give me when watching them. I love coming up with plots which were meant to be transformed into books but I have an interest in turning them into something people can watch and enjoy now, or making a book into a script.

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I always wanted to make a career out of something fun and crafty, but who knew writing was a choice. I am really fond of fashion as well as writing so I hope to find a loophole in my life that provides my daily aesthetics in an everyday life. It's hard to even determine what career path you want, especially being someone of my sense but once its discovered you know right away its your passion to succeed it! Thank you so much for reading my loves! I know this isn't an article that might please all but I am grateful to express myself to everyone reading. I'll catch ya'll on the next article :)

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