Hey guys.

Well I saw a lot of articles about 30 days stuff, so I decided to just post my own one.

I always wanted to get in shape every year over and over again. So this year to actully keep me going and motivate myself, I thought, why not share my thoughts and feelings of every day with you. Since I can´t be the only one struggling with this, it might motivate me and maybe someone else too. Who knows.

fitness, running, and workout image
So this is what it looks like. The plan for myself to get that running game on and get into shape.

I am actually gonna try more than just running, but only bit by bit.

Image by Miriam
I´m just gonn leave this as a little motovation.

Day 1:

So now to the actual article.

For everyone who is just like me and happened to sit a lot on her/his casual day to day bases and who is as "lazy" as me with running, the first time will feel pretty bad. I thought I would drop out of running, because my legs suddenly started to hurt like hell. But with the more walking and slow running it got a little better.

I´m just not used to it.
So for now I can still feel my legs. I really do.

But the first time is always the hardest, so lets see what I feel like tomorrow.

I hope that you like to walk/run this walk with me and maybe I can motivate you too.

Stay tuned for tomorrow!

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