Hello everyone, I want to thank everyone who has read my article, I really means a lot. Also, I hope you'll have a great week. In this article, I will give more points of my healthy journey; enjoy.

  • Try to eat healthy as possible, even if you are eating outside.
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I know this is really hard, but you need to make it a habit, so next time it'll easier.
  • Choose boiled/raw food over fried food.
  • Choose your snacks wisely
Pack your snacks for work/school, or buy consciously by choosing those with less salt and sugar, or simply choose some fruits and vegetables. Some examples are:

1. Fruits

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Apples are really great for morning, since they give us lots of energy

2. Celery, carrots, cucumber and vegetables in general

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3. Make your own treats

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  • Make healthy swaps
For example change dressing over avocado, olive oil or hummus.
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  • Prefer whole wheat flour over white flour especially in bread.
Like bread and pastries, if you can't find food like this and you like to cook the internet is filled with amazing recipes.
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  • Be happy
Become healthier doesn't mean eat better, it means take care of your mind and body, so don't forget to do and surround yourself with the things and people that make you happy.
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Hope you'll like this part II and make sure to check part I if you haven't.
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My name?
Thanks for reading and let me know if you want me to keep writing articles like these.