It is 3 am now and I'm writing this. And I was thinking. I was thinking about a lot of things. And I was thinking about love. I thought, what do I want? what kind of love do I want.

I want only love. Nothing else; no judgement, no secrets, no one else, just us. I want somebody that won't judge me by little things; material things, how my bra strap is showing or that my white shoes have a stain.
I notice how people laugh together, talk and play, then one of them turns around and the other instantly judges their look or their mistakes.

Why can't you see past all of that; there is so much more to them than the brand they're wearing, or the hairstyle they have. Why aren't you able to look inside their soul, see the spark in their eyes.

I want a love where I feel free to be myself, able to show my true colors, where my thoughts feel protected by my lover, because he is not just a lover, he is my soulmate.