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“If you're reading this...Congratulations, you're alive. If that's not something to smile about, then I don't know what is.”― Chad Sugg
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ºYeah, smile even if you are not wearing neither a hat nor a dressº

Recently I decided to join #TheSmileProject which is a lovely project created by @writerforlife :

Make sure to check out her collection to know what #TheSmileProject is about

Now that the introductions have been made... Let's start with the article!

“Always find opportunities to make someone smile, and to offer random acts of kindness in everyday life.”― Roy T. Bennett

·1· Before Sunrise

before sunrise before sunrise

When the film came to an end I had to touch my lips to find out that I was smiling! Not kidding, it's completely true!

·2· The Breakfast Club

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No wonder why is one of the best films ever! Although sometimes it made me cry, I assure you everyone ends up rising their fists in the air as Jude Nelson does and with a wide smile on their faces :)

·3· The Princess Bride

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This one is such a fairytale! Amongst fantasy, realms, adventures, we'll always find love. I couldn't help but smile everytime he said "as you wish" to her (if you don't understand it, DON'T WORRY, just go and watch the movie!)

·4· Billy Elliot

ballet Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot is about dreams, being yourself, never giving up... And all that stuff we often forget. Billy is a boy who lives in a society that opresses people who are different from what they consider "normal". So let's take Billy's advice and DREAM, BE OURSELVES, NEVER GIVE UP and SMILE no matter what!

·5· Love Actually

love actually black and white

Most of you have already heard about this movie but it's so beautiful that I had to add it! Love Actually is perfect to watch during Christmas time but the kindness of the characters will make you feel great at any time of the year ;) You can't stop a smile from rising to your face and --if you're really emotional-- shed a tear

·6· Big Fish

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This movie is simply wonderful. The photography, the decoration, everything! I was smiling throughout the film! It has such a magical power to transport you to that world that you let its magic engulf you


Well, that's all folks!
I enjoyed writing this article and remembering the feelings that these films brought me the first time I saw them.
Come and join us on #TheSmileProject and help us sharing smiles wherever you go and whenever you can!
And remember...

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Writing goodbye with a smile drawed on my face,

(& Bittersweet) ♥