hello people!
I am anna a normal girl with a big love for music and songwriting.
Unfortunalety,none of my songs are finished.


1) I'm 13 years old and my birthday is in October.

2) I live in Belgium and I speak Dutch.

A question for you, speaks someone of you also dutch?
No, where do you live then and what language do you speak?
At school I learn French and English but I can it not verry good.

3) I love music, songwriting, singing, the sea and the beach, weheartit, instagram, writing, fotografy, cats, sleeping, food, cooking, chocolat, wattpad and so many other things.

4) I hate school, homework, rain, workouts, the profession of economics, cycling to school through the rain or snow, cleaning my room and don't forget exams.

5) I do not know what to write. Am I really so uninteresting that I can only mention four things about myself?
Sorry my hearts I promise that my next article will be more fun.
Kisses Anna.