Hello !

So if you don't know why i'm writing this go check my articles to understand !
First thing first, when you're feeling lost in your life you need your environment to be clean and organised, It's already a mess in your head you don't need a mess in your housse.

Here's some Tips to help you cleaning your environment when you're not really in the mood for it. Trust me. You'll feel better after.

1. Baby step

closet, clothes, and wardrobe image

Start little. If you start with the messiest part of your house you'll feel easily discourage. For exemple, I start with my Closet.

2. Don't keep bad energy

interior, room, and bedroom image

I know it's hard to let go of something that reminds us of memories but if it's not good ones don't keep it. Just keep the things that reminds you of good times or that you really love. Keep everything that have a positive energy on you and only that. Keep clothes and products that you know you're gonna wear or use, papers that are still useful or that you know you'll look at tem again.

3. Try new things

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Cleaning & organising might be boring so in order to make it more fun (Yes, I put Cleaning and Fun in the same sentence ), Try new things, a new way of organising your closet or a new decoration for your room.
If you're not inspired go check videos on youtube or we heart it or instagram.

4. Do It !

believe, keep calm, and try again image

I know it sounds obvious but don't just read this, I promise that having your environment clean, does have a positive effect on your mood.
Especially if you're feeling lost.