How you see in title, i was to get into depression. Why? This is the question what troubled me.
OK,ok, i’m so young for this feelings and experiences, but how I said in the last article, i have the wrong life.
One month ago, I quarreled with my best friend by the way this is normal , to the point where i was alone and no one cares.
I felt a shit (and this moments are repeating nowadays, but in that period was very bad).
I got to the point: “One wrong thing and i’m depressed”.

How I rezolve my problems and i get back my normal life?
Hard but fast.
I tried to be strong. And be friendly to meet new people.
But the main thing that prevented me from depression was......WHI. I don’t have words to thank to this app. WHI isn’t just an app, is my 🌍, my☀️, my🌙, and all my ⭐️‘s. All my Universe👌🏻❤️
I will never give up. This app helped me to find my personality,my style and good friends.

WHI means a lot for me. No words to explain. This app was my friend who helped me to prevent the depression. Oh god😖😮


Guys, i saw you like the stories of my life (cause they are interesting). So i decided to post more articles....for you❤️💋
New article soon...❣️