She always kept her head up and her eyes down.
She would smile right at you to say hi and many misunderstood that. They thought she was playing, being charming, flirting when all she was was disconnected to a world with so many second thoughts. It brought on her a lot of unwanted attention. It put her in a lot of situations where she had to deal with bad intentions and plans toward her. And the worse part is that everyone thought she deserved it like she brought it on her so why help her or give her some advise, she clearly knows what she is doing. Well she doesn't. She didn't mean to be too nice. She didn't know it was a thing. Why does a girl's actions have to be judged that way ? Why can't I just smile at a boy nicely to say hi without him thinking I want him ? Why am I judged by the length of my skirts and the color of my lipstick ? Why does wearing make up and jewelry means I want attention on me and not only that I want to look nice for myself ? I wish one day boys start considering girls smart enough to do things for themselves and not for them all the time. A girl is allowed to dress nice to be liked by her and not by boys. She is allowed to be nice because she wants to be the kind of person that she would like. She is allowed to act friendly with no second thoughts.