this is basically it , writing down what ever comes to one's mind , no further thinking , no plot and startegy , just a pen moving by the means of the commanding sensation.
today i wanna share a story , and a notion :
this is a dating website in which have bad and good , those who are cheerful wich reflects their life of felicity and those who acts kind just for you to unreveal their many layers .
it's true it's hard in here , as the chat does'nt get you to know shit .
but it won't tell if the person is speaking the truth or lying .most people are here for bordom , they have nothing to do , broken waiting for love healing . but dear work onyourself first , and i m pointing that to girls , as the easiest way to get rich is to get a rich douchbag and live miserly ever after . is that what you want female an easy hunt , an easy loaf of bread you eat with no sweat ?
i ve only been here for a day , and god ! when you people stop posting things you can't get , wake up ! return , work for it and keep it a secret becuase telling it could demotivate you . last but not least , girls need attention and they have brains too , so "find a girl with a brain they re all have vegina"
peace revolying vibes