(Reading this is optional) Fairies are essentially beings made of energy, and that the material they are built of is feelings, vital matter, emotions, streaks of energy which are modulated under their emotions, their movements, and their desires. The matter they are made of is pure emotions, not veins, muscles or nerves. They have a heart which is a glowing, pulsating center that emanates golden light, and that the secret of fairy life is rhythm.
Another highly interesting point is the way fairies establish relationships with other fairies, with plants and animals, and with humans. There is a special way they do this – by adapting their vibration to the vibration of the being they want to relate to.

So enjoy!

XoXo - L (Yes, fairies are real!)


The Seelie Fairy. A Seelie fairy (also known as the Seelie Court, a group of Seelies)
are fairies that are friendly towards Humans, enjoy playing harmless pranks on them, and are all together close with open-minded Humans. They make special excursions to help those in need (not just humans). They are also known as "The Light Court" or "The Golden Ones". They are known for their humorous mischief, and never ever cause true harm, being that they are fond of Humans.


The Brownie Fairy. A Brownie Fairy inhabits houses and aid in tasks around the house. They do not like to be seen and will only work at night, traditionally in exchange for small gifts of food. They all adore honey. Although the majority of Brownie Fairies choose to live in waterfalls and streams, not offering domestic help.


The Pixie. These types of fairies are very common, and a very playful like type. They are childlike and free, in a good way. The like to play-wrestle and their presence brings to those who are fond of them. They like to be around (majestic) horses and are great explorers.


The Garden Fairy is most present around open-minded Humans and attract young children. They're mostly found frolicking among colorful flowers, wearing flowing gowns with transparent-like wings. At dawn they pour out powerful blessing on the world. Very scenic and calm creatures.


This is an aquatic fairy, loves to play with water. Similar to a mermaid or a selkie. Asrai is believed to reside in deep water and grows only by the light of the Moon. They are cold to the touch, but still warm and nice on the inside.