Alohaa! My name is Kelly and welcome to 'FASHION TRENDS'. This is a series where i discuss my/the fashion favourite of the month! I started this series back in August when articles were first released! However, I never continued it...

In this article I will be showing 2018 fashion trends that have been really popular. Fashion items that models and celebrities have been wearing, popular in shops etc. Here are the top 5 :

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First fashion trend on my list are statement trousers. I've been seeing so many people online, down the street and in magazines wearing patterned trousers,leggings,jeans and so on. I find this trend so fun to play around and style with. Statement clothing are items that have a bold pattern and something you don't see in everyday life.

Models and designers tend to style statement trousers with a more plain coloured tops, this is because theres a lot going on, on your trousers which means you don't want to bring the attention away from them or over pattern your outfit.

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Fluffy and fuzzy jackets are so in right now. Celebrities are wearing them, your friends are wearing them, strangers down the road are wearing them and you're wearing them. Everyone is wearing them and I love it ! They are perfect for this season as it's still cold outside and you want to stay warm and fashionable without looking like a wrapped up snowman.

You can get fuzzy jackets in any store you walk into and a lot of models have been styling them with jeans and a t-shirt ; i'm so for it.

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Oversized clothing,jumpers,hoodies and tops are a trend all year around. This has to be one of my favourite clothing pieces as it's comfortable and fashionable at the same time. If I don't want to dress up but still look decent i'll reach out to one of my oversized hoodies and put my hair in a bun or ponytail.

You can style hoodies but cropping them,wearing them with different clothing pieces etc. However, more and more people are wearing pain coloured oversized hoodies rather than patterned or graphic design ones which gives your outfit a more minimalistic vibe.

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Puffa coats or puffa jackets got a lot of attention towards late last year. Especially if they are orange,yellow or any other bold colours. Styling puffa jackets is so easy as they pretty much go with everything and anything. Popular models are styling them with beanies, jeans and crop tops but you can play around with your own style.

I have a ralph lauren/polo navy puffa jacket and i used to hate it so much because back then it wasn't trendy or popular and i thought it ruined my outfit whenever my parents would tell me to put it on because of the weather outside. However, if you style it right you can achieve a casual yet fashion forward look.

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Shops have been stocking in matching sets a lot more lately especially on their online websites. Lots of models and celebrities have been wearing matching pieces of clothing. I'm pretty sure you've all seen matching grey plaid crop top and trousers/leggings popping up all over social media. Adidas matching velvet tracksuit and hoodie have been really popular too!

You can also customise you down matching outfit if you don't want to buy a set. Sometimes shops sell a set separately which is really annoying. You can match a plain white crop top with a white skirt, black jumper with black leggings ; it's quite simple and very cost effective as you can just pull out things in your closet.

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That's my top 5 fashion trends for January! I hope you liked my article weekend where i uploaded on Saturday and Sunday, send in your reactions to this article and if you want to request any articles for me to write then send me a postcard!

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