I kept asking them to quit stabbing me
But they didn't listen
Didn't want to listen
I think they enjoyed it

I was weak for letting them do that without my permission
So I did it myself
I decided myself
Because all I had was myself
I could do to myself whatever I wanted
Because they left me and there was nobody to tell me what I was doing was wrong

Sometimes I was good, sang myself to sleep
But sometimes I was bad and learned how to be afraid
Of nobody else but myself
So I decided to close my eyes and go to sleep
For a year

And in the day the real nightmares came
I didn't care much back then
Because, remember, I chose to go to sleep
And let my imagination do the rest
Someone looked at me funny? No, it's just a nightmare.
Nobody wanted to talk to me or sit next to me? Don't think like that, you won't even remember this when you wake up.

So at night, when it was dark and I was finally alone, those were the moments I actually woke up
Because my confusion and my imagination had become a little rough to keep going
I needed a break
I needed to let it go
To let it slip out of me
So I did
I let it drip out of me
And it was so beautiful
I could finally remember and truly feel how the nightmare was that day

In the morning I went back to sleep and started my day
And again
And again
Day in, day out
My routine for a year
I slept all day, every day
But I was never well-rested

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