Choose shades that make you feel comfy, you can apply them to your walls, bed, desk, etc. You can also play with different patterns, whatever suits your style the most.

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Apply them to your bed sheets, as different patterns, to your walls, for example, you can add a brick wall look, to your rugs, different fabric looks, to any accessory in your room.

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I believe they are key to add coziness to a room.

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Faux fur guys!

Fairy lights

Okay, maybe this one is not for every room, but, c'mon, they are just beautiful and makes a warmer cozy look in the room.

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Different colors, sizes, styles.

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They are beautiful, and makes the room look more alive and happier.

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Add some art into your room! Whatever the style you want will work. It can be a master-piece or just some details, whatever you like.

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I also believe that a beautiful lamp, according to the style of the room is very important.

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Basically, mirrors, flowers, coat racks, or some cute little things tu fill up the room (again, according to the theme)

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Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it and i hope you have an amazing day. xx

— V.


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