Maybe they didn't go too far but bullies did exist during my high school years. Today I relize they are still exist and they are still bullying me and other people. I want to share few things that I'd reminded myself during high school. /Sorry for mistakes, English is not my mother tongue/

1- Real queens are the ones who fix each other's crowns. So, bullies are just clowns.

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2- Bullies do exist and I'm going to face with them in every era of my life. So, as a strong person I'm never gonna let them hurt me.

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3- Karma is real and if I kill them with kindness, universe will keep it on mind.

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4- Hate is a destructive feeling. Soon or later, the hater gets hurt.

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5- I'll give my answer with my achievements. I don't need to hurt people for feel better. I can boost my mood and keep my attitude at the same time.

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