Snow made it look like a soft carpet on the surface.
snowflakes getting thicker, covering it in white days.
My footsteps who where once there, disappeared.
A gentle breeze beneath my face, flakes drizzle down, nothing to be heard.
While I was thinking about everything.
How it could've been. How i wanted it to be. How i wished you were here next me.
I can still feel your kiss, so gentle as the night.
I remember your hand locked inside mine.
Our hearts beating as one.
The words you said, not what you had done.
That was what kept me breathing your air instead of mine.
I wonder was it real or all to be lied.
But i can see a set of truth inside those dark eyes.
Maybe you were what i wished for, once upon a star.
Maybe you're my once upon a time.
The lost peace of my soul.
As if you made me fly and you were my wings.
"Everyone here is fake, accept you", does that include you being fake as well, if i may ask?
Controlled by two different people, or that's what it looked like.
Being able to come to you and hold you, that's what i want to achieve.
Hear you say "i love you" before you have to leave.

Hey guys, for my first article I wanted to give you something special to read.
I wrote this on a snowy day with only one person on my mind. I try to write all my feelings down, in my own way, and that's what i would like to share with you guys. I hope you like it & see you in my next article hearters! <3