hi! so, i thought i'd recommend you guys some amazing shows, starting with comedy ones! enjoy

  • modern family
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i love to watch this together with my mum - sadly, we're finished and waiting for a new season rn.. basically, it's about a patchwork family with a lotta fun stuff happening
  • new girl
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loved this from the beginning! it's about a girl who moves into a flat with some unknown guys after a break-up - and it's so funny
  • gilmore girls
gilmore girls, lorelai, and rory image
first started watching it because it had jared padalecki in it and now, i love it.. the shows follows an amazing mother-daughter dream team and it's so cute
  • santa clarita diet
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i don't laugh easily when watching shows, but this made me laugh tears- a woman suddenly turns into a zombie and her family somehow has to feed her.
  • unbreakable kimmy schmidt
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i didn't think i would like this but now that i have watched it, i think it's actually really good.. a woman that has before lived in a cult, is freed and now lives in nyc.
  • jane the virgin
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not legit my fave but i like to watch it from time to time.. it's about a woman who wants to stay a virgin until after marriage but then suddenly is pregnant because of a mistake her gynecologist made.

alright, hope you can find some good new shows here!

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