Thanks for clicking on this article! Traveling can be pretty stressful, so I wanted to go over some tips to make it easier. These are all things that I personally do, so I know that they work ♡

1. Pack hard objects in the bottom of your bag or suitcase

The softer objects are easier to move on top. Treat packing like a game of Tetris and fit everything together to save space.

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2. Make a list

Make a list of everything you need and then of what you actually pack. This way, you won't forget to bring anything and you can check to see if you're missing anything before you leave wherever you were visiting.

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3. Bring Ramen cups

If you're staying at a hotel or rental home, this will be the tip that changes your life. Most hotels have a coffee maker or some form of a water heater. Just pour this on a ramen cup for an incredibly easy and cheap meal.

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4. Have a friend at the ready

Having some to call right away is really great when traveling. You can tell them all about your trip as it happens, and, if anything should go wrong, have them there for you immediately.

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5. Make an emergency kit

Take a bag and put some basic items in it. This is useful for daily life, but especially useful when you just want to find the necessaries in your stuffed bag or suitcase. Some things to put in it are cash, chapstick, your phone and charger, lotion, hair ties, etc.

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6. Pack some lazy clothes

Let's be real. Not every vacation is perfect. Sometimes you get rained in or something you just do feel like getting all dressed up. Even if everything does go to plan, you're probably going to want to change into something comfortable at wherever you're staying. So pack some lazy clothes! Trust me, you won't regret it.

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7. Get a battery pack

This is especially good if you're going camping. Not everywhere has an outlet and sometimes you just don't have time to get to one. I find that this is very useful in car or plane ride, or waiting in line at an amusement park.

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8. Get travel sized products

Ok, this probably seems pretty obvious, but they're there for a reason. Using travel size saves space, time, and stress over losing it. And if your product (like shampoo or conditioner) doesn't come in travel size, get an empty travel sized bottle and fill it with the product.

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9. Download movies

On trips and in lines, I'm constantly bored. My solution was to download movies and shows on my phone. If you have Netflix, I recommend downloading through them as it takes up less storage. If you don't, you can download movies through your app store or most likely Hulu (I'm not sure on Hulu as I don't own it). This also saves data if you were going to watch it anyway.

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10. Gum

Gum is your traveling best friend. If you're hungry, just have a piece of gum until you can get real food. Also, some people just like chewing it. It's a really convenient thing to have around and it is much easier to pack than bulky snacks.

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