Greetings from my side.Hope you are having a brilliant day. Thanks for hearting previous article and reading this one. You guys know how to cheer me up. Now it's my turn to do the same. Well my 'Art journal collection' is the one responsible for most notifications up here, therefore I have decided to do this article which I know you will like a lot. Without any further ado, lets get started.

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I'm dividing this article into two parts for your convenience -

A) Things which are must to put up in your journal

So titles under this category will be self-explanatory. But I'm putting some really useful picture references. So head down for visual treat.


It is like mini calendar which you need to setup at the starting. If you wish you can add '2018 cover page' before it.

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Just an idea for your cover page.


Have one color theme for particular month, if you wish you can make it really artistic or just simple aesthetic page after all it has to show dates and days only. You can add important events which are you going to attend in the respective month.

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If you have zeal and talent you can draw out your monthly spread like this.
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Or you can keep it really simple and pretty just like this
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TIP :- Make sure to enter a beautiful quote that will set your vibe for the whole month.


This one is really upto you if you need more organisation in your life I would suggest a daily planner or in my case weekly planner does a good job too. As I save the space to write my experiences or learning for the day because more than schedule I need motivation and good thoughts on a daily basis but if this is your journal cum planner please add a daily planner.

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Few ideas for weekly planner.


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Books to read.
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Movies to watch.
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Songs to listen.
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Things I should do more often or things which make me happy.
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Mood list


It need not be super-organised but if you feel there is this one habit which needs your attention (money saving in my case). Make sure to put it in your journal.

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B) Things you can add to give your journal a more authentic and personal look

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  • PHOTOGRAPHS,FLOWERS (gifted or pricked from some memorable place)
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Paste photos from days or moments which you cherish a lot.
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I use this idea a lot other than flowers, I paste chocolate wrappers which are gifted by my dear ones with date labelled under it.
  • STAMPS,ENVELOPES,NOTE ( paste them with washi tape, gives it a better look)
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Write down some memorable experience on any page whichever is handy at that moment and later paste it in your journal just like this.
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tip :- paste a black chalk paper on a double page and write down the cities you want to travel in bold letters( with chalk obviously) and paste their pictures too.
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Express your wanderlust with some pictures and facts about that place.
  • YOUR MINI VISION BOARD- who has time and space to make a big vision board? Grab some motivating pictures and paste them in your journal.
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Design your own personal style board.
Image by G R I M E S
  • SHOW CASE YOUR TALENT- Have some artistic corners in your journal. A good painter? Paint something. A good photographer ? Take your best shot and pin it in your journal. Good at diys ? Do one. Its a really great way to record your personal work as well as give your journal a personal touch.
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Diy your monthly page like this if you wish.
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Take some good shots and decorate it with quotes just like this.
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Sketch or draw anything you like. Its really about giving it more authentic look so that whenever you open it you can relate to it
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This is for those who need their motivation through quotes and photos
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You can even write down lyrics from your favorite song just like this.

Ok, I hope you liked it and will try some of these tips. Make sure to check my other articles and collection.Thank for hearting. Stay tune for more.
luv ya

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