Hello World and welcome to one more article by me.As a very proud member of the #TheSmileProject team,I decided to write an article about the value of the smile and also the reasons why we all have to adopt the smile(and laughter)soon in our everyday life.

Without more information,let's get started ..

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1) The smile is the ideal tool for attraction.

I think we all want to be attractive and to stimulate the interest of the rest.Many times we are wondering how we will do it,but the easiest way to achieve this goal is the smile.If you think about the people you love and the friends you choose,then you will possibly realize that your loved ones have a common feature,and that is their great smile.They won you with their smiles,and you can win a lot people with your own enchanting smile.

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2) Smile = Optimism

Whether you believe it or not, a simple smile can change our psychology. It makes us think positively,hope for better and brighter days and remain optimistic.Also,the smile keeps the anxiety,pessimism,stress and depression away from us.That would be good for us to focus more on our most enjoyable moments,and not on the sad ones,to start sharing our smiles and enjoying our lives.

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3) Laugh to succeed

A smile shows that we have self-esteem.It is the only "tool"we all have and really can help us achieve our goals and realize our dreams.Also,it makes us look more sympathetic and happy to the rest and with this way we can work in a healthy workplace and live in a safe social environment that supports and understands us.

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4) It's an act of kindness

Many of us are not particularly good at compliments(cough cough me).We want to share joy,but we can not do this because we use the wrong words when we try to make a compliment to someone or we are too shy.If you belong to this category of people,then the best you can do,is to start smiling.You can smiling to your classmates,your parents,your friends,even in strangers. A real smile can make a little better the day of a sad person.

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5) Smile = Longevity

Many researches have shown that laughter improves our physical and mental health.It is really one of the best (and most economical) ''medicines'' we have at our disposal.More specifically,it has been shown that laughter improves the functioning of the heart and vascular system. .Also,many abdominal muscles and other muscles of the body are exercised when we laugh.Additionally, besides what I mentioned,laughter has many other abilities,which can guarantee us a better life.Lastly,a lot of people say that when you laugh,you ''earn'' more life,so we can best qualify laughter as one of the most valuable ''goods.''

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~Well,that's what I have for today. I hope you like it,and I also wish i managed to convince you to laugh more in your everyday life from now and then,because you really deserve the best :)

~I am waiting for your feedback,your lovely reactions and of course your ideas for future articles <3

Until next time,

Athέna (@_selini_)

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