"You can make anything posible if you believe in yourself"
I have been told many times that the only thing impossible is to prevent someone's death, you can prolong life, but you can't stop death from coming, besides that, anything is possible.
All you need to do in order to make something happen is believe in yourself, have confidence that things will work out in the end and never give up, because if you do, you are sure going nowhere and accomplishing nothing. You are alive, you can do it.
If it is your dream never give up on it, NEVER. Dreams, in my personal opinion, are the only thing worth living for, they are what makes us who we are, the reason we exist. Without them we are nothing. Without dreams life is pointless. It is people's dreams that have created the world we live in, that have allowed humanity to evolve through the ages. If you never let anyone bring you down you are already halfway there.The world if full of people with dreams, all of them working and trying to find a way to make them real, you should not be the exception. Many people have been told to give up, that they won't make it, but if they had given up the world would not be the way it is.
Whatever you need to accomplish something lies whitin yourself, just stop making excuses. If people start coming against you, rise and prove them wrong. And if that is not enough to give you confidence, prove it to yourself. Force that negative voice inside your head to shut up. Remember, things could be worse.

Even the smallest action can inspire others. An example of this could be the competition between Apple and Android, if one does something it inspires the other to do it better. Another example: If you start fighting to save the planet you can inspire others to follow that path, a great example of this is the "Harry Potter" actress Bonnie Wright, if you follow her on any of her social media you will see that she has started a fight against oceans being contaminated with plastic and she has inspired many others.
All you need to make something possible is to believe in yourself.

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-Personal note:
I really hope you liked this article and got to learn a few things about me. I will be uploading the rest of the writting challenge through the days. And I apologize if there is any sort of grammatical or other mistakes, I am good at english but it isn't my first language.