So, I made the bold move of admitting that I'm no longer Christian to my father and well it is not great...I was forced to go to church today and I just couldn't get myself to do so.A lot of my reasons are based of on personal experiences and just my own thoughts.I come from a Christian household and my whole family are Christians.I was one too not so long ago.So when I refused to leave the car, my father called me being disrespectful and "full of nonsense."After he gave up and left with my brother I just sat there crying.I don't know why or how my life became such a mess to the point where I cry everyday.I sat there thinking about everything that happened the past year and how it ruined me.When I finally felt better and ready for a nice day,I saw my father in the distance.So I wiped my face and tried to look neutral,but when he came to me and started talking I welled up with tears,telling me about how ungrateful I am and how he does everything trying to help me...Does he really think I don't know that?After that I told him that I no longer go to church and therefor are not a Christian anymore.This is my personal decision I made for myself...I am not being "rebellious" towards you! I am my own person and I should not feel ashamed of not having the same beliefs as you do! I respect you for your beliefs then why aren't I?So today I got threatened by violence and even being kicked out of my house by my own father...My phone got confiscated out of spite while my brother just watched...I would defend my brother no matter what ,because I care about him,but I guess he won't do the same for me...I then realized how religion could divide even the closest of people and yet you are still to believe that they love you "unconditionally." Basically I was crying before finding the strength to write this article and I am really sorry ,because this platform is supposed to lift people up and to inspire, but I just had to get this off my chest and share this to somebody...Maybe next time I'll make an article about goals and art,but for now thank you for reading this if you did and have a nice day:)

Thank you for your time and I <3 you!