1. Dogs reduce stress

In fact, petting/hugging a dog reduces anxiety. Had a busy day at work? Get on the couch and give your dog a pat on his head. Bet you feel a lot better?

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2. Dogs are good for your health

You have to let a dog out. This ensures that you move just a little bit more and makes you feel a lot fitter.

3. A dog makes you happy

It's true! Research has shown that dogs make you a lot happier. Dog owners laugh more.

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4. People with a dog feel less lonely

Dogs not only provide more exercise, but also the feeling of loneliness. A dog is not just a pet, it's a buddy.

5. A dog is good for your self-confidence

Research by the American Psychological Association is that there is a direct link between having a dog and your self-confidence. The research showed that the self-confidence of dog owners had a big boost after taking a dog.

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