Hello everyone. ♥

I was reading the book "Slammed" by Colleen Hoover when I came across what this article is about.And by the way, if you love books, romance books, I strongly recommend it to you. It's great.

How do you know if he, or she is the right one?

This is inspired by the advice the mother gave to her daughter Layken in this book. I think everyone should follow this simple 3 question RULE.

Does he/she treat you with respect?

All people should be treated with respect, so if they are not respecting you, your choices, or anything it is, why would you still want to be with them?

If in a few years or more he/she's the same person he/she is right now, would you still want to be with them?

You may like them for who they are right now, but if you want a serious relationship with them, is that what you want them to be when you are married, or have kids?

Does he/she inspire you to become a better person?

The one you love should be the one who inspires you to love yourself, all your flaws, all your mistakes. The one who inspires you to do the thing you love and become a better version of yourself.

Think about all of these questions deeply, get into them. And when you find the answer:

If you answered all of these questions with YES - congratulations, you've found the right one.

If you answered even one question with NO - sorry, but you probably won't be happy with them if you want a serious relationship.

Thank you for reading,
sending love. ♥