It’s 2018 and so many people are thinking ‘New Year, New Me.’ A lot of people have resolved to be kinder to themselves and have more me time. However when you do have a spare half hour and you decide to treat yourself, you might begin to wonder what you should actually do and then just watch netflix/ eat chocolate. Well, hopefully that won’t happen again, because I’m going to give you some ideas here!

1.Paint your nails
Doing our nails is fun and also really relaxing, so it’s a great thing to try out. If you can’t because of school or something, you can always use clear polish for a nice shine

2. Stretch
Stretching is so good for you and is super simple. If you find it boring, you can always do it whilst watching tv or youtube.

3. Have a bath
Having a bath is a fun way to relax, so bring on the bath bombs! Love to use a ton of fun products as well and make my bath super instagram worthy!

4. Use face masks/face sheets.
Face masks/sheets are so good for your skin and very calming to do. You’ll be pleased with the end results and have fun, it’s a win-win situation.

5. Indulge yourself!
I love indulging in a piece of fancy chocolate or ice cream once in a while. Whatever your favorite thing is, whatever you love to eat, if your body is asking for it, just eat it!

I hope some of you guys try some of these tips! If you do let me know which ones!
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Thank you for reading!

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