hi and as you can see by the tittle of the article, I'm here to tell a little bit about myself.

well my name is jahniya. im a freshman in high school. i love listening to loft mix music, and my favorite color is yellow. I'm trying to learn guitar and piano. i used to take piano lessons as a kid and gave up after like 3 weeks of lessons. i biggest pet peeves are when people think for me and when people are hypocrites. i dream is either in photography or to be a forensic scientist, but i don't know if i want to people in college for the long.

my personality

im extremely awkward like when i try to make new friends online or irl it never lasts because i never know what to say them. most of my friends are outgoing so they always start the conversations between us. i can get irritated easily so that a pretty bad trait of mine.

things I'm into

- i got into kpop may of 2016. the first group i ever heard of was toppdogg. they were pronouncing western names. then the next day my friend showed me bts and i instantly fell in love. the man groups I'm into consist of monsta x, bts, got7, nct 127, and twice. i stan a lot of groups but that is just some

lofi music
(here are some of my favorite ones)
- RELAX リラックス | Lofi Hiphop Mix
- 'm lonely without you (Lofi Mix)
- Shiloh [Lofi Mix]

so if you wannabe friends hmm