what happened to the two little girls
that didn't have anything else but each other
alongside a mother
who gave her all for us
was it not enough?

it was enough for me
will it ever be enough for you
i miss you
why do you hate me so?
i know we argued in our early teens
but that shouldn't make you the way you are now
it's like you have a fear of missing out
your ear to the floor everytime i talk
you don't understand what privacy is
it's my mum too
not everythings about you

but when things get tough
when mum cant smile anymore
where are you
you're not here
it's just me
so how come i'm always the bad guy
can you not stand i'm moving on with my life
i'm doing well
it's like every time something goes well for me
spanner in the works
are you jealous?
is that why you want to hurt me
watch me cry
make up lies

i'll never forget what you say to me
i'll never forget you making me out to be crazy
oh sister
you'll need me one day