Sunday 15-01-2018

Today, I have been released from the insufferable, binding chains of the horror known as.. final exams..

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It seemed as though it would never end, but here we are,,

It isn’t the first and unfortunately not the last time I have to take exams, but they're still a struggle every time..

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Well now that I am done, I want to make the most out of this 20 day break.
I am going to get my ish together!.... For the thousandth time now.. hehe.

I want to stop rushing through life, I want to live every minute of everyday

I want to work for my dreams, passions and goals

I want to wake up each morning with purpose, and hope

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I do not want to feel like I am wasting my time

I do not want to feel lost and weak

I want to become stronger

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I want to start a journey.. together.

our journey

I thought of starting this article series, about everything really, so we can all grow, change and be happier, so we can start an incredible journey, so we can start living.

I will post as soon and as often as I can, now that I no longer have to study, :P
I hope you all look forward to it as I will work really hard on it~

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And until then I hope you all have an amazing day/night <3