Hello fellow hearters!
This article will be about the different types of instagram accounts you can start.

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Instagram is a fun social platform where you can share images with other people and showcase your creativity via your feed.

If you're finding it difficult to think of an idea for your account then read on!

1. A quotes account

You can share pictures of your favourite quotes, whether they are based on love, life or just spreading positivity!

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2. An aesthetic account

You can share beautiful pictures of things that you find pretty e.g. sunset, flowers, landscapes, etc.
You can also choose a theme for your feed, such as a colour or a mood

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3. An account where you showcase your creative hobby!

That might be makeup, nails, artwork, poems, whatever you specialise in!

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4. A niche meme account

This is quite a new trend and I would recommend googling it if you want to find out more!
You can share edits about whatever you like; e.g. your goals, favourite clothes, likes and dislikes, makeup routine

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5. A selfcare account

These accounts are super helpful as they share the best makeup and skincare tips as well as the products that helped them!

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6. A personal account

This is just a regular account where you share selfies, pictures you have taken while travelling, trying new food, or just your daily life!

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I hope this helped, have fun instagramming!