In this first article, I will show you some of my resolutions… If you like this article, be sure to follow me and read my future articles!

1- Read more!!
I love reading but recently, i didn't have time. Actually, I was more likely to spend time on my phone!
This year, I want to read 100 books!

2- Drink more!!
So actually, last year, I was always dizzy and not feeling well.
So we went to the doctor and he said that I as to dishydrated and that it was a big problem so this year I will drink more water!!

3- Keep my room clean!!
There's not much to say on that. I just think that it helps being productive and it is easier to live!!

4- Have less fights w/ parents or friends
I personnaly hate when there is a negative climate in the air.
I also don't like to deny my friends because after, you don't have much to do or nothing positive to think about!!

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