2017 might have been the best year of your life or the worst or just meh, But here is some tips to make 2018 the beat year yet!

1. Organise

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just organising makes me feel 100 times better. whether it's your room or school work just do it and it will make you feel less stressed.

2. makeover your room

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i would love to makeover my room and i hope that i will be able to in 2018. even just adding a plant or painting your walls can make a huge difference.

3. Travel

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travelling is so fun and exciting. In 2018 I'm going to Austria and Italy!

4. go outside

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literally just going outside or in your garden can make you feel so much better. get of that phone !


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Being happy is the most important thing in life. If you are not happy, your life is not happy! and happiness is not material and money DOES NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY. Just remember that.

Niamh xx