You kind a stuck in your life and dont know what to do. You should get your things together and make yourself more productive. Or maybe you just want to do something because you are bored. These steps are for you. So lets start

1. Get rid of the stuff you dont need. Clothes, papers, shoes, books, random decorations... Maybe these stuff will make someone other happy or at least help them.
2. Write a list of a things you need to do. You will think you are more forced to do them. And you will feel so satisfied, when you checked them from that list.

3. At least once a day laugh. But for real, not the fake laugh. Watch funny videos, read jokes or just hang out with the people that make you laugh.
4. Write a bucket list of a few little goals to do in a next 100 days. Like visit a museum, cook something new, hang out with someone after a very long time... and do them.
5. Every morning, when you wake up think about things that make you happy, things you are thankful for and great things that you can and will do that day.
6. Write a journal or diary to by more organized and it helps remembering all your memories.

7. During 100 day learn something new. New words, new recipe, new sport, basics of a new language, new game, new way of thinking.... anything you think that is interesting or useful.
8. Alarm! In a second you hear it, wake up, open window and move. Get a glass of water, cup of coffee or green tea, do joga, go for a quick run, head to a gym or meditate ( but probably sit while you meditate just for sure you will not fell asleep)

9. During the 100 days write everything you will buy. Food, drinks, clothes .... everything. but also money you will earn.
10. When you are going shopping for a food, always eat before that. Never go hungry to the shop, because you will buy too much stuff and mostly not really healthy one.
11. If you are paying with a cash, always get some cash by side and save it up for 100 days. Maybe you will buy something after, that will make you happy or you keep saving up for something bigger like trip with your friends.
12. If you like some piece of clothing in a shop and it doesnt suit you and you feel uncomfortable, dont buy it just because it is in a sale or because it is trendy.

19. Organization:
13. Write down a lot of to-do lists.
14. Do things that make you grow (physicaly, mentaly or educationally) and try to avoid ones that you do just for filling the time.
15. Plan your every tomorrow. Be productive, but also dont forget to relax.

16. Eat your veggies, everyday.
17. Fruit? Once a day for a healty sugar. I will recommend it in a morning, for a breakfast or for a snack, till 3pm, in a first half of the day.
18. Try healthier alternations for almost everything. Potatoes rather than fries, cooked or stewed rather than fried, olive or coconut oil than sunflower (the best is no oil), dark chocolate rather than other sweets, water or green tea rather than soda, coke or other too sweet drinks and so on....
19. Write healthy and light options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and always have some ingredients in your kitchen for making few of them to not wanted to order a fast food.
20. If you know that your day will be long and hectic and you will not have much time for food, prepare yourself some healthy snack and take it with you.
21. Invest at least 30 minutes everyday to physical activity. Go for a walk or run, visit a gym or take some class. Dance, joga, spinningpole dance ... or go out with your friends and play football, basketball or anything what you want.
22. Drink a glass of water before every meal. Also drink one when you wake up for a boosting your metabolism and always have one glass of water next to your bed in case you wake up during the night being thirty.

23. Write down a good qualities of your significant other.
24. Take a pictures, make memories and give them to your family, friends or partner. Make them smile.
25. Use thank you, I am sorry, I love you, i am grateful that you are in my life. Hug someone when you have a chance.
26. Meet a new people.
27. If you are angry on someone, dont rush your decisions, think about stuff before you will say or do something. Beacuse you could regret it after that.
28. Try to make a good deed once in a while. Help someone, pay someones lunch or coffee, donate some money or sign a petition, work as a volunteer.
29. Give away a ton of complimets, but also mean them. Make someones day better.
30. Always find a good things in the others and overlook the bad stuff.
31. Dont judge. Anything or anybody.
32. Aways give a 100%, do your best and hope that everyone is doing the same thing.
33. Dont compare yourself with others, you are not better not worse but equal.

XOXO Mistakes