For all the damaged, broken, empty hearted lost souls out there, let me tell you something;

when the nights are getting colder and there’s no more warmth around you,
when the sunshine shining through your bedroom window at 7 am and you still can’t catch a wink of sleep,
when you shower, the water is getting colder you’re shivering and you stare at your nails they’re changing color to purple-ish,
when you actually want to stare at something without zoning out and overthinking stuff,
when you want to cry your heart out but the tears are not even there anymore for your eyes to fall,
when you want to scream on top of your lungs as loud as you can but all you can hear is silence,
and the most important part; when you sit there, somewhere,
your right hand holding that razor, ready to hurt yourself or even ready to end IT.
your life.
please i’m begging you to stop and think about it again.
throw that razor away,
i want it in your garbage. right now.
you are loved.
your life matters.
you deserve all of the good things in this world,
please help yourself, i’m here to help you always,
and baby, i’m begging you to please,
please hold on.

— for i got two phone calls from my close friends that night, they told me they want to kill themselves. R.

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love you, please call: