1. Celebrate Christmas and new year's eve in Australia

christmas, beach, and merry christmas image travel image

2. See the Northern Lights

sky, nature, and purple image sky, night, and stars image

3. Go to Japan

cities, japan, and landscape image japan image

4. Pet a fox

fox, animal, and pet image fox and animal image

5. Speak (at least) five languages fluently

Inspiring Image on We Heart It I Love You and languages image

6. Go to a Petit Biscuit's concert ✔️

boys, french, and musician image bikini, biscuit, and concert image

7. Celebrate my birthday in a foreign country

birthday, cake, and food image ballons image

8. Swim with dolphins

dolphins, want, and list image dolphin, cute, and animal image

9. Improve in photography

camera, photo, and photography image camera, polaroid, and photo image

10. Write a book

book, flowers, and rose image book, stars, and purple image

11. Cliff jump

summer, beach, and sea image summer, sea, and beach image

12. Let go of a floating lantern

light, night, and sky image light, night, and sky image

13. Travel the world

travel, italy, and venice image sky, travel, and plane image

14. Visit the seven wonders of the world

Image removed architecture, travel, and india image

15. Become an exchange student

exchange, life, and quote image travel image