Little corner anti-depressive

1) Main goal: heal the depression

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2) Show to you that you can have your own little corner anti-depressive,

3) Inspire you!

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4) To relieve the pain, in the stress moments, anything is just go and run to this place.

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How can be this little corner aesthetically?

1- Always will be a cute, lovely and happy place

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2- Pictures of the most importants moments in your life. Pictures that you can see that you was beeing truly and honesty with yourself!

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3- A bookcase *with books* that can help you to get rid of negativity that overload your life, in addition to simplest things that people gave to you, and make you happy.. you can add to movies that you love..*cds with playlists*..

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4- Pictures, quotes from weheartit ♥

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5- You can use your imagination

Create a meditation place!

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6- Read articles!

Kisses cat girl

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