How frustrating 'change' can be !
How stressful not being able to take control over it !
WELL do not ! just stop trying to stop the changes ! EMBRACE THEM .

as a person who loves to take control over everything so much , i can tell you how stressful it can be , that's why i thought of writing this piece especially in the beginning of 2018 !

So here is some tips that helps to feel better about changes :

1- Clear your mind:
Go to a walk ; talk with a friend ; take care of yourself any activity that can help you to feel better about the changes.

2- Realize what you need to let go off :
Or just realize what you can and can not control , if there is any solution or anything you can do , do it ! if there is some things that you have no power over , just let it be ! everything will fall into place very soon :).

3- View the bigger picture :
Just learn to see the positive in every situation : ask yourself what doors will this open ? if you failed at school take as a motivation to get ride of your bad habit ! or see it as a chance from god to revaluate your choices ; or just take it as a time you gained to be a better version of yourself and self growth .

4- Accept the changes : change is an inevitable part of your life , and some times we're not ready for it , we tend to lose control over our life because how fast things are moving , and it may take a while to fully understand what is really happening but we have to accept it .

"change can be scary ,
but so is
staying the same forever "