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Hi everybody reading this! I'm secretlyagranger here with a new idea. This article is going to be an introduction to a new idea I had, about a studying series.

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Nowadays, I saw many of my favourite studyblr accounts make some kinds of student series. Basically, they would make a collection of inspiring studyblr articles, all with the same motive.

So, I decided to make my own studyblr series. The #StudySmarter series is going to be about improving yourself and studying better in each subject, so I will be writing tips for studying said subjects better in different articles.

The tips will be comprised of methods that have upgraded my own studying, as well as popular methods that have been accepted by people everywhere.

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This was an introductory article to my series, and I will try to publish articles on this series every day or every other day, as well as other articles.

I hope that my series will be welcomed among all my readers and hearters. To show support, you can heart this article.

By the way, thank you so much for 450 followers! You guys keep on surprising me and I can't be thankful for you people enough.

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Yours truly,

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