so here are a few of my favourite Netflix shows. I'm probably missing loads but here you go.

1. stranger things

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I think everyone is obsessed with stranger things. If you haven't watched it i'll give you some context. Will goes missing and his friends go out to look for him and find some pretty strange things (i don't want to spoil it). Anyway it's literally the best show!

2. The End of the f***ing world

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the end of the f***ing world is about a boy, James, who plans to kill this girl that he meets. He spends more time with Alyssa and beings to like this girl. They then runaway with each other and go on an adventure around England.

3.Rick and Morty

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Rick and Morty is about a crazy scientist and his grand son go on adventures in different universes.

4. Riverdale

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a murder happens in the blossom family and a group of teenagers go to investigate and find out some chilling secrets. You have to watch it because Cole Sprouse is in it sooo.

5. Bad Education

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Bad Education is about a rubbish teacher at a school who is basically the pupils mates and it's soo funny.


ben, funny, and JAKe image ben, JAKe, and pete image

Outnumbered is a comedy about a family with overwhelmed parents and three children. i'm not sure how else to describe it but its really good.

i hope you now have a few shows to binge watch. bye